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Sunflowers and Love

There is so much good going on lately. I just have not had the desire to post here. I think about it, but then I don’t.

I am thinking of turning this into a photo blog. I don’t have much to say, but I will add pictures I take.
My family lives in Kansas. Every time I buy sunflowers I think of going home to Kansas. My mom and I are going next weekend for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk. My mom plans to walk 2 weeks post op. She is unbelievable.
I bought these last night and sat them on my window sill. They made me smile every time I looked at them.

I have not seen Amazing A and her side kick Super G in a few weeks. I never go that long without seeing them so I was missing them. Today Amazing A had her first day. I decided to bring her these flowers for her first day along with a package of monogramed tissues. Cause nothing says bring on the colds like preschool.
She loved the flowers. She was so proud of them and when her Papa walked in from work it was the first thing she showed him.
My God I Love Her...
I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Amazing A being one of them. I can not imagine life without her. She is amazing.


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Every summer my family goes to the beach. My mom and my siblings along with their families. We did it every summer growing up and then for a few years stopped. About 6 summers ago we started again. The first and second summer it was 2 weeks, then the next two summers it was 3 weeks and this summer it is 6 weeks. My mom is still recovering and has doctor’s appointments and was not able to come down. My brother and his wife came for the weekend but had to go home this week for various reasons. My sister is headed back to Africa tomorrow and will be back mid july for the rest of family beach. My other brothers are not here for various reasons. The beach house was empty and I was going crazy being home. I needed to escape and come to the beach. I needed to get away. So I took my camera, laptops (personal and work), my personal items and headed to the beach. Fullonsass

Today I invited my friend Aimes and her children Amazing A and Chunk-A-Licious (the ones I nanny for). They came and spent the day. I had a conference call first thing this morning and then they arrived. We went to the beach, I came back to the house for another conference call, back to the beach, came home, showered and headed to the board walk for dinner and rides. It was a wonderful day. I ended my day watching the sun set over the ocean from my deck with a margarita.


Oh did I mention when I leave my bedroom in the morning as I walk down the hall I can see the ocean and as you walk into the great room you can hear the waves crashing. It is perfect for the soul searching I plan to do over the next few days!


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Today I spent the day in heaven…or the place I like to call heaven.

Trucks and Dirt...


He is not walking yet, so he crawls everywhere. He is fast too…I let him crawl around outside, while it drizzled. Needless to say he was covered head to toe in grass and mud. Oh and soaked. We were all soaked. I gave all four a bath after we came inside. The tub was full of dirt and grass.

In the morning I had all four from 7 am till 12. Then I watched the two I normally watch from 6 till midnight.

I love these kids, they make life so much fun!

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I have been so busy. School is crazy, work is so busy, and I have been spending atleast once a week with the kids. I have been taking pictures daily which I am totally excited about.

I put together this colage yesterday when I had the kids.

And here is a picture of the baby with his Faux Hawk! I love love love making him look like a rockstar!

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