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I arrived in Kansas on Friday afternoon along with my mom. We were greeted by one of the newest members of the family, Miss Emma.

Emma & her dad

We have been waiting for Miss Emma for four long years. It took a long time to make this baby but she is perfect in every single way.


She has only been in America for 3 months and she is already understanding so much. She knows all her body parts, she knows animal sounds, and so much more. When they picked her up in China she could not even sit on her own. Within three months she is RUNNING! And she is fast. Not to mention funny.

When you say Emma make an angry face, this is the face you get:
Emma & her angry face...

I am totally smitten with her if you could not tell.

I just have to add I wrote this blog post while online in the air. I love the new in-flight wifi! Technology is awesome!


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And I always, always, always have way too much on my plate.

I have not posted in a while. My mom is doing great. Last night was the first night where I did not get up at 3 am to give her meds. She is on an 8 hour rotation instead of 4 hours now! Which means we both get to sleep through the night…Yah!

So back to my life and the fact that my plate is always overflowing.

Here is what I have on my mind RIGHT NOW:

1. Need to finish clients pictures

2. Need to remove one months worth of pictures off my card and process them. Pictures of Chunk-a-licious at 1 year exactly, Ava’s first birthday, Babylicious, Memorial Day, and a million others things I have taken pictures of.

3. RUN DAILY. Made a bet I would fit in my prom dress by September 7th. That is 55 lbs from here and that is not going to happen, but damn it I need to get close or it is going to cost me a trip to Vegas and a $1000. (more on the bet later)

4. WORK, hello my three jobs. Totally overwhelming! BUT HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

5. Family Beach in 3 days for 6 weeks. Lots to do.

6. Mow the damn lawn

7. LOSE WEIGHT and not for the damn dress but for the fact that I no longer want to be behind the camera only. I want to be happy with the way I look and be in my family photos not taking them. THERE are no pictures of me with my loved ones in the past few years! Why one might ask, well because I HATE HOW I LOOK…and only I can change that!

8. There is so much more and frankly I do not have the time to write about it. I have to get back to work and get a bunch of this list done. Oh like yesterday!

Today at 2 we go to the cancer doctor for my mom’s follow-up. We find out if she needs chemo or radiation. Cross your fingers her treatment is over and she can continue to heal.

I need to work on my own boobies and I will schedule something with the office today when I go with my mom!

Happy Wednesday Internets! I miss you! Oh how I miss the days of just posting and when picture editing was fun!

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Spending lots of time with my mom and family. Babylicious is here until the end of the month. So I am getting as much loving in as possible.

Look at her, how could you not want to love on her every possible minute!


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PeoniesI am sitting in the hospital waiting for the night shift sibling to return (my youngest brother will be pulling the night shift with my mom) and thinking about what an amazing family I have. We may not always see eye to eye but in times of importance we are all together. We come together and support one another.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted a big family. I loved growing up with lots of siblings. As much as we argued and complained it is always nice to have siblings. You share that common bond only siblings can share. You grow up in the same house, though your outlook on those experience varies greatly. Memories vary sibling to sibling, but there is one thing that does not vary and that is your parents.

As most of you know my mom is sick, she has breast cancer. Today she had a double bi-lateral mastectomy. Today all five of her children sat with her throughout her wait for surgery, spent the day at the hospital, and will take turns on seeing her daily. Everyone brings something different to her, but we all bring two common things which are unconditional love and support.


The breast surgeon came out and all went great. Minimal blood loss, her heart was strong*, they took her nodes and they seem to be 99% negative which means that she will not need radiation or chemo. We will know for sure on Monday after the labs on the nodes come back. If all comes back clear she is cancer free! The plastic surgeon came out about an hour after the breast surgeon and all went well. Today we had the best possible outcome and for that we are truly blessed.

*This is huge as both of my mom’s parents died of heart disease, my moms mother had breast cancer and heart disease when she died at 49, my mom has done everything to have a healthy heart. My father also died at 60 of a bad heart. If you do not die in my family of cancer you die of a bad heart. Thankfully she has a strong healthy heart and is now cancer free!

I am too tired to fix the different fonts tonight. Have a good night internets!

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So frustrating, but nothing I can do about it. So I will enjoy the weekend with my family and the kids.
Ultra Sound
I have an appointment on Monday at 2pm. I will know more then.

I had a mammogram and an ultrasound today. They were both unable to detect anything because of my age and the tissue in my breast. Fabulous I tell you, now where we go from here, maybe an MRI, not sure.
First Mammogram
And when we were marking the spots today, they found another lump under my arm, not on the mammogram or ultra sound though!
Hawt Hospital Gown...
Don’t be jealous of my hot pink hospital gown. I know the jealousy of my stylishness is hard to contain.

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This is something I never wanted to post, let alone experience.

On Saturday I found a lump in my right breast. So today I went to the doctor. She did a breast exam where she discovered 5 lumps total. 3 small lumps in my left breast and 2 in my right (1 large and 1 small). I scheduled an ultra sound and a mamagram tomorrow at 1:00. The kicker my insurance might not cover the mammogram because I am not 35. Insurance is ridiculous. Not to mention they want to do an MRI as well, but there is a 50% chance that insurance will not cover that either. Really insurance, you suck. I am not sure if it will cover it or not but it needs to be done, so I will do it and worry about paying for it out of pocket if I have to. I think I will be requesting the MRI regardless becuase my mom’s cancer was not detected by a mamogram, they did an MRI and discovered that she actually had a lump in her other breast. The breast they thought was cancer free. So I think for peace of mind an MRI is going to be needed.

I am trying to be positive. I am sure it is nothing, but then again I am also realistic. It could very well be something.

I have not told my mother, she is struggling with her own breasts right now. I did tell my sister and she plans to go with me tomorrow.

So again if you pray, please pray for me. Pray that this is nothing more than a few cysts.

my chest copy copy

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Anyone actually read these posts?  You don’t have to say much but it would be great to hear from you.  I would love to see who is reading and maybe read in return as well.

I was going to write about how wonderful it is to have Babylicious in town and it is. Oh it is wonderful.

Today we went to see a new doctor and the news just keeps getting worse for my mom. She has an MRI scheduled for Sunday, Mothers Day. Things are moving fast, really fast. That is good, but scary at the same time.

The cancer she has, they have no idea where it started or what it is. They are not sure if it is Breast Cancer, they have no idea if it is all over her body or contained to her breast. They just don’t know. That is the reason for the MRI, to find out where it originated and where it all is. Scary shit here, really scary shit!

So I give you a picture of my fabulous mom, if you pray, please pray for her. Pray that the cancer is curable, pray that it has not spread, just say a little prayer.

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