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Gluten Free Living…

I have been living on my elimination diet for almost 5 weeks now. I added back two items and they are peas and tomatoes. I am glad to say I can read them. I accidentally ate something with flour and was sick for the entire day. I am almost certain I will not be able to have flour or milk back in my diet. I feel a million times better since starting this new way of life.

I have been following gluten free sites and I really love the site I am gluten free. Tonight I am making the gluten free blueberry scones. They look delicious. I do not have hemp milk or even goats milk, so I will be substitiuing Almond Milk. I am still going to make it and see how it turns out. I will let you all know!


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Apparently I do have will power because today marks 10 days since I began this elimination diet. It was really not as bad as I thought and I am already feeling better. My GI issues are definitely under control. I am elimination all the items I am allergic to for 6 weeks and then slowly adding back in one item per week. If I have a reaction it will remain on the elimination list, if I don’t have a reaction I will add it back into my daily diet. Honestly the only thing I miss are tomatoes and strawberries. I could honestly be fine with eliminating everything else. Of course I love cheese, but I can eat goat cheese and that is what I eat normally. I can also eat anything with rice. There is so much available for people with allergies these days I am not having that hard of a time finding things to eat. Though I will say just about everything has some type of soy in it. Seriously what is up with all the soybean oil?

Exercising Again

Tomorrow also marks the day that I put on my running shoes again and run. I am going to run 5 days a week for 20 minutes for the next month. I will learn to run again. Not just walk fast and half ass run!

The Skinny/Healthy girl I know that is inside me is going to win this battle! She does have the will power!

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When it comes to putting bad things into my body, but internets that is all changing.

I am sick of feeling sick. I am sick of being exhausted, constantly dealing with GI Issues. So I am cutting out every thing I am allergic to. I am doing an elimination diet. I am eliminating all the foods I am allergic to which are…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…












Basically everything good. I can still eat meat, most vegetables, most fruits, basically things that are really good for me. So I started today. Day 1 and it really was not too bad. Let’s see how things go in the upcoming days.

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