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I arrived in Kansas on Friday afternoon along with my mom. We were greeted by one of the newest members of the family, Miss Emma.

Emma & her dad

We have been waiting for Miss Emma for four long years. It took a long time to make this baby but she is perfect in every single way.


She has only been in America for 3 months and she is already understanding so much. She knows all her body parts, she knows animal sounds, and so much more. When they picked her up in China she could not even sit on her own. Within three months she is RUNNING! And she is fast. Not to mention funny.

When you say Emma make an angry face, this is the face you get:
Emma & her angry face...

I am totally smitten with her if you could not tell.

I just have to add I wrote this blog post while online in the air. I love the new in-flight wifi! Technology is awesome!


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