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I arrived in Kansas on Friday afternoon along with my mom. We were greeted by one of the newest members of the family, Miss Emma.

Emma & her dad

We have been waiting for Miss Emma for four long years. It took a long time to make this baby but she is perfect in every single way.


She has only been in America for 3 months and she is already understanding so much. She knows all her body parts, she knows animal sounds, and so much more. When they picked her up in China she could not even sit on her own. Within three months she is RUNNING! And she is fast. Not to mention funny.

When you say Emma make an angry face, this is the face you get:
Emma & her angry face...

I am totally smitten with her if you could not tell.

I just have to add I wrote this blog post while online in the air. I love the new in-flight wifi! Technology is awesome!


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Sunflowers and Love

There is so much good going on lately. I just have not had the desire to post here. I think about it, but then I don’t.

I am thinking of turning this into a photo blog. I don’t have much to say, but I will add pictures I take.
My family lives in Kansas. Every time I buy sunflowers I think of going home to Kansas. My mom and I are going next weekend for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk. My mom plans to walk 2 weeks post op. She is unbelievable.
I bought these last night and sat them on my window sill. They made me smile every time I looked at them.

I have not seen Amazing A and her side kick Super G in a few weeks. I never go that long without seeing them so I was missing them. Today Amazing A had her first day. I decided to bring her these flowers for her first day along with a package of monogramed tissues. Cause nothing says bring on the colds like preschool.
She loved the flowers. She was so proud of them and when her Papa walked in from work it was the first thing she showed him.
My God I Love Her...
I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Amazing A being one of them. I can not imagine life without her. She is amazing.

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Teenage Texting

I just received an email from my brother. His son is 13 and has a cell phone.  For a laugh please read the following:

Here’s a fun game for everyone to play.  I just got the Sprint bill for the month.  Take a guess how many text messages Jake sent last month?

Scroll down for answer……

9,471 text sent.

That’s 315 text per day.
Figuring Jake’s awake 14 hours per day, that’s 22 per hour.

Thank God for unlimited texting.

I am sure that his text barely contain one full word. I am sure they are things such as BRB, LOL, C U LTR, Etc.

Regardless that is alot of texting! Just think we thought his sister was going to be the excessive texter in the family. Boy were we all wrong.

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Every summer my family goes to the beach. My mom and my siblings along with their families. We did it every summer growing up and then for a few years stopped. About 6 summers ago we started again. The first and second summer it was 2 weeks, then the next two summers it was 3 weeks and this summer it is 6 weeks. My mom is still recovering and has doctor’s appointments and was not able to come down. My brother and his wife came for the weekend but had to go home this week for various reasons. My sister is headed back to Africa tomorrow and will be back mid july for the rest of family beach. My other brothers are not here for various reasons. The beach house was empty and I was going crazy being home. I needed to escape and come to the beach. I needed to get away. So I took my camera, laptops (personal and work), my personal items and headed to the beach. Fullonsass

Today I invited my friend Aimes and her children Amazing A and Chunk-A-Licious (the ones I nanny for). They came and spent the day. I had a conference call first thing this morning and then they arrived. We went to the beach, I came back to the house for another conference call, back to the beach, came home, showered and headed to the board walk for dinner and rides. It was a wonderful day. I ended my day watching the sun set over the ocean from my deck with a margarita.


Oh did I mention when I leave my bedroom in the morning as I walk down the hall I can see the ocean and as you walk into the great room you can hear the waves crashing. It is perfect for the soul searching I plan to do over the next few days!


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This Baby…

AnaisBWfloor2This baby makes my heart smile. With all that is going on in our family right now! Thank god she is here! She makes everything better with her toothless grin and her innocence.SinkTubAnais

I promise a real post is coming soon. Today marks 7 years since I last celebrated Father’s Day with my dad. He died 8 years ago on August 17th. I was going to post something about him and I will, but right now there is just too much going on and even the internets really should not hear it. It is personal and deep and well just not appropriate to share at this time!

Enjoy your fathers day, your families, your health and most of all your safety!

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And I always, always, always have way too much on my plate.

I have not posted in a while. My mom is doing great. Last night was the first night where I did not get up at 3 am to give her meds. She is on an 8 hour rotation instead of 4 hours now! Which means we both get to sleep through the night…Yah!

So back to my life and the fact that my plate is always overflowing.

Here is what I have on my mind RIGHT NOW:

1. Need to finish clients pictures

2. Need to remove one months worth of pictures off my card and process them. Pictures of Chunk-a-licious at 1 year exactly, Ava’s first birthday, Babylicious, Memorial Day, and a million others things I have taken pictures of.

3. RUN DAILY. Made a bet I would fit in my prom dress by September 7th. That is 55 lbs from here and that is not going to happen, but damn it I need to get close or it is going to cost me a trip to Vegas and a $1000. (more on the bet later)

4. WORK, hello my three jobs. Totally overwhelming! BUT HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

5. Family Beach in 3 days for 6 weeks. Lots to do.

6. Mow the damn lawn

7. LOSE WEIGHT and not for the damn dress but for the fact that I no longer want to be behind the camera only. I want to be happy with the way I look and be in my family photos not taking them. THERE are no pictures of me with my loved ones in the past few years! Why one might ask, well because I HATE HOW I LOOK…and only I can change that!

8. There is so much more and frankly I do not have the time to write about it. I have to get back to work and get a bunch of this list done. Oh like yesterday!

Today at 2 we go to the cancer doctor for my mom’s follow-up. We find out if she needs chemo or radiation. Cross your fingers her treatment is over and she can continue to heal.

I need to work on my own boobies and I will schedule something with the office today when I go with my mom!

Happy Wednesday Internets! I miss you! Oh how I miss the days of just posting and when picture editing was fun!

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Spending lots of time with my mom and family. Babylicious is here until the end of the month. So I am getting as much loving in as possible.

Look at her, how could you not want to love on her every possible minute!


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