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I went to New York over the weekend and stayed with a group of photography friends. I love getting together with others that enjoy photography as much as I do.

We did a lot of shooting and a lot of visiting. It was a wonderful weekend and I can not wait to get together with them all again.

We started out at the farmer’s market, then went to an abandoned brick yard. It was hot, not Africa hot, but hot. Then we went back to our friend’s house for mandatory naps before the evening of festivities. I joke about mandatory naps, the hosts asked if we wanted to take some time to nap. I joked that we had mandatory naps and that was my idea of heaven. I never did get to nap I was to busy visiting with my friends.

On Sunday before we headed home we went to breakfast and then to an abandoned train.

It was an incredible weekend full of wonderful friends. I can not wait to see everyone again. We are planning a trip to Italy next summer. I  have wanted to go to Italy for as long as I can remember and I don’t think there are any other people I would like to experience that country with.


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I have been talking about going back to South Carolina to visit my friends Jimmy and Carrie for close to two years now. I talked with Carrie a few months ago about going. Then my mom got sick and I put the thought on the back burner. I decided that I needed to go. I wanted to go and the vacation was something I had to do. So last Wednesday I bought a ticket to South Carolina. I flew out Friday Morning and by friday evening almost everyone had arrived. I met some of the most incredible people. Some I already knew and some I got to meet for the first time.

It was a great flickr meet up. There were so many wonderful people and the amount of pictures is unbelievable. I have not even finished editing all of mine. But I will share some of my favorites.

On Friday is Jimmay’s 35th birthday. The reason we all spent last weekend in South Carolina.

And of course I have to add a group shot.

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