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I finally got my business blog off the ground. Since the majority of what I post is pictures. I plan to post them there. I will still use this site when I have more writing posts, but for now you can find me at my work blog.

Go on over and check it out.

My most recent post is on where I live and where I hike with the beast…
Where I Hike...


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I went to New York over the weekend and stayed with a group of photography friends. I love getting together with others that enjoy photography as much as I do.

We did a lot of shooting and a lot of visiting. It was a wonderful weekend and I can not wait to get together with them all again.

We started out at the farmer’s market, then went to an abandoned brick yard. It was hot, not Africa hot, but hot. Then we went back to our friend’s house for mandatory naps before the evening of festivities. I joke about mandatory naps, the hosts asked if we wanted to take some time to nap. I joked that we had mandatory naps and that was my idea of heaven. I never did get to nap I was to busy visiting with my friends.

On Sunday before we headed home we went to breakfast and then to an abandoned train.

It was an incredible weekend full of wonderful friends. I can not wait to see everyone again. We are planning a trip to Italy next summer. I  have wanted to go to Italy for as long as I can remember and I don’t think there are any other people I would like to experience that country with.

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May 10th is a hard day in Yankeeville. I was married 7 years ago on May 10th. It has been three years since we celebrated an anniversary. I only thought about the ex a few times today. When people reminded me it was the 10th. Other than that I barely thought about it.

My mom had her MRI, that is where my mind was. We find out tuesday the results. We will know what she has and what to do from there.

I took some fabulous pictures today, I will post them this week.

Oh my stinking cuteness are the kids in my family adorable. Love them to pieces. Someday I will add a few or maybe 10 of my own to the adorableness of this family of mine.

Happy Mother’s Day 2009!

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Today I got to spend the afternoon and evening with Babylicious. So while left in my care I dressed her in a tutu and went to town taking pictures.

Here is just a sample for mother’s day/birthday for her momma and my momma.


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Today I graduated. I walked because my mother asked me to, I say this because what follows will explain why I did not just leave and go home. The disorganization was unbelievable. You would think that after 136 graduations they would have organization. Atleast that is what I thought and boy was I wrong! So I went, I braved the crowds, the disorganization, the rain all so my mom could see me walk across the stage and receive my diploma. There were buses that were supposed to take us from North Campus to South Campus where the graduation ceremony would take place. The line was long, really long, it wrapped around buildings long. They were not getting the graduates on a special bus to get them to south campus ahead of the families and friends. This would have made sense since graduates had to be there 1 hour before everyone else. The line was long, we were late, so we decided to walk the 2 miles to south campus. Not a big deal, but it was raining, we were dressed nicely, and already late from the ridiculous lines.

“My Mom is the blond woman under the umbrella looking right at the camera…with the proud look on her face”

When we got to south campus we found our college (mine was art and science) we got our name card and got in line. The lines were to be two by two. Oh the chaos of that. Finally we got some order. Procession was to start at 9:30 it started at 10:15…took another 45 minutes to proceed. On three different occasions I thought I was going to walk out of the line and go home. Really I did not need to walk, I was only doing it for my mom. The last time I thought about leaving I received a text from my mom. It read:

“I am so very proud of you”

Shit I could not leave now. Finally we are in the stadium, not enough seats for the graduates. Ridiculous! Finally we are seated, we are soaked, it is pouring. They give some of the longest speeches ever…(ok I might be exaggerating but damn it, did I mention it was cold, we were wet, it was raining!) They get through the speeches and it is time to call the colleges. Guess where Arts and Science fell, if you guess dead last, well you guessed right. So we are waiting listening and watching people graduate. They call the school of Health and Science. I say to my friend Melanie lets go, we get up, get in line with Health and Sciences. I gave them my name card and I graduate under Health and Sciences or atleast that is the college I got my diploma with. I walked, I graduated, I high tailed it out of there.

So my mom and I left and headed back to North Campus. We got right on the buses, things are looking up as a college graduate! We walked back to my house and headed to meet some family and friends for lunch. I met Mr. Monroe, my sil, and 1 of my many nephews, and the family I nanny for. It was wonderful. It was so wonderful that I did not take one picture at lunch. It was nice to see everyone that came, we talked, we laughed, and we enjoyed each others company. After lunch Mr. Monroe took me to the camera shop and gave me a large gift certificate to buy whatever I want. I want a fish eye lens, they were out so when it comes in I will head back and buy the lens. Yes he gave me that much!

I am so lucky. I am lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I am loved and it is expressed by all the wonderful people that are in my life.

Happy graduation day! See you in a couple of days, I am off to resume my hobby of sleep. Oh sleep I have missed you.

Tell me what your graduations were like?

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A photographers dream. I am a photographer that captures the moments in peoples lives. I have always hoped to do something extraordinary for people throughout the world. Currently there is a competition being sponsored by Microsoft and Lenovo called “Name Your Dream Assignment”. The winner will get $50,000 and a Lenovo laptop in order to pursue the photography assignment of their dreams. The contest opened March 3rd and voting is open until April 3rd. Getting the most votes is vital to stay in the contest…on April 3rd the voting closes and only those entries ranked in the top 10 will move on to the second round where portfolios are submitted and judged.

I really do not enjoy asking for people to vote, but for something as amazing as this contest I am asking you to please read my proposal and if you think it is as amazing as I do please take the time to vote for me. I truly believe that what I hope to do will touch the lives of not only the people I capture but others throughout the world.

Tell your family and friends have them tell their friends. If you have a blog or your twitter or you use facebook or flickr, please consider mentioning this fabulous contest. Spread the word and please help me to achieve my dream of truly touching others in the most amazing way I know possible.

My Dream:

My dream is to capture two of the most significant moments that will happen in peoples lives. I want to capture the images of life and death throughout the world.

I want to travel around the world. Visiting every continent and as many countries as possible in 365 days capturing the images of life and death. I want to take pictures of their traditions, capturing the diversity each individual holds and show the world a look into different cultures.

I have always been fascinated with the way others live and capturing two of the most significant events that will occur in life is something one can only dream of. So my dream is to be able to capture and share this not only with the individuals I capture, but the world.

If I have any money left over at the end of the journey I plan to donate it to a wonderful charity. The charity will be decided at the end of my journey.

My most sincere thanks to all of you.

To vote click the “PIC IT” under the yellow box and then registering when it tells you to (it is super easy to register…the confirmation email comes immediately).

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Every year for my birthday I post a list of things I want to complete before I celebrate the next year.

I started at 25…then updated 25, posted 26, updated 26 and when I turned 27 I posted and then updated 27.

So I give you my 28 things for my 28th birthday:

1. Finish College
2. Travel to London to visit Michael and Caitie
3. Travel to Europe with my family this summer, for summer vacation.
4. See as many things as possible while I travel and take pictures of it.
5. Get at least one picture published
6. Work for six months and save money for around the world trip
7. Plan around the world trip and start journey
8. Get Real Estate License
9. Lose weight and be healthy
10. Only feed my body and mind healthy things
11. Start Running
12. Continue Yoga, learn to like it
13. Take a picture a day for all of 2009
14. Go to girls weekend in Kansas with the women in my family
15. Go to Clearwater for annual Charity (Clearwater for Youth)
16. Celebrate a birthday party drama free
17. Visit Liz in Nebraska
18. Visit Devon in California
19. Run a half marathon
20. Eliminate all debt (including car payment)
21. Work on advertising for business
22. Learn more about photoshop
23. Continue to grow as a photographer
24. Treat others as I want to be treated.
25. Visit Carrie and Jimmy in South Carolina
26. Spend as much time with my family
27. Laugh Often
28. Continue to love me for me

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