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I have been busy. Busy with good things. Going back to work full time in a few weeks. Currently working on gettting everything in order. In the meantime I have been visiting with friends. Shooting and processing lots of pictures.
My girl Denise at This Delicious Life is starting a new business.
d.lish & the stink eye
Here is a brief summary of what the parties entail:

d.lishs divas is an in-home portrait party for women only! It’s about fun, freedom and discovery. Its about celebrating YOURSELF! Its about seeing yourself for who you really are — seeing the beauty that is TRULY you — and discovering the of *photometamorphosis*. Each participating diva will have a 20 minute private photo session, resulting in a personal online gallery of images. (wording totally swiped from her site)

It was an incredible evening and I am so excited that I got to be a part of it. What an amazing experience. I vowed this year to get back in shape and start to be in pictures. I never let people take my picture, but for some reason I let Denise. I am slowly letting people and I am so happy I am. These pictures are amazing and I plan to hang some in my home. I never hang pictures of myself, but that is all changing.

What an incredible group of women. I have met so many wonderful people this summer. It has been a great summer full of wonderful memories.

(denise took this picture of me, it is by far my favorite picture ever, I might even go as far as to buy a canvas of this print. I love it that much)

Life is good, really truly good!


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