I had the most fabulous weekend I was going to write about today. Then I looked at the calender and realized I need to write something more important.

I wrote this 4 years ago on my first blog. I decided that most of you don’t know me from there and I would repost it. Today marks 8 years since my dad died while on a business trip in Nashville. I can not believe it has been 8 years.

8 years ago today I sat in a hospital with all my siblings and my mom, my dad’s best friend, and a couple of his closest business associates. I was going to rewrite that day when I looked through my archives and found that I had already posted it.

This is what I wrote in June of 2005:

My dad passed away on August 17th 2001. He was 60 years old. I will never forget the day he died. Or should I say the week. C (my ex-husband) asked my dad if he could marry me on Saturday August 11th. Of course my dad gave his blessing. I should say surprisingly considering I was only 20 years old he gave his blessing. (Oh my god was I young…) Well I left for the Beach with my mom for a girls week at my aunts house on Sunday. My father had a business trip in Tennessee on Tuesday. My brother Casey drove him to the airport for his flight and he wasn’t feeling well, but still got on the plane. While in the air he had two heart attacks. He landed in Nashville and was meant by a business associate (who he was meeting for the first time, what an impression he left on that man) who immediately drove him to the local hospital. It turned out to be the best heart hospital in the country, go figure. My dad was in the hospital when he called us at the beach to tell my mom he had a heart attack but that he was fine and there was no need for her to come down. (Yeah fricken right, like that would really happen!) My mom ended up talking with the hospital and it was worse than my dad had thought or I guess wanted to believe. He not only had two heart attacks he had previous mild heart attaches the week prior to his flight. He had done lots of damage to his heart and they didn’t know how or if he would recover. But with therapy it seemed like a possibility. My mom left the beach and went home to get my youngest brother. They flew down Wednesday Morning first thing. My dad was extremely angry that my mom had come down and kept telling her it wasn’t necessary. He didn’t want her to worry and he was going to be coming home in a few days (yeah he only wished, it would have been a long time before he came home, if he ever came home. They would not have released him to fly) My mom called each of us kids and we each got to talk to my dad. He reassured us he was ok and would be home soon. I told him I loved him and would see him soon. That was the last time I ever spoke to my dad. After he talked to us kids my mom said that they were having some words about his condition and her being there. As my mom and Jeff were leaving to go to check in to the hotel. My dad suffered a massive heart attack where he had to be revived. Then he was put into a drug induced coma to keep as much stress off his heart as much as possible. He suffered so much heart damage his heart would more than likely never function like it  used to. My mom called all of us kids first thing Thursday Morning and we were all on a plane by 10am. My sister lived in VA beach at the time so she flew from there. C (my future husband) came with me and my two brothers, Casey & Jim. We all arrived in Nashville around the same time and headed straight to the hospital. My mom kept apologizing she hadn’t called us sooner but things happened so fast (on top of that my dad was mad she was there he would have been even more stressed if all of us kids had come to) Business associates and family that could all make it flew in while he was in a coma to see him. His heart was in terrible condition as well as his liver and other organs because he was a diabetic. He would not have been a candidate for a heart transplant because of that. He passed away around 5pm on Friday August 17th. He was only 60 years old.

If you click on this and then on the link in that post you can read some things I have posted in the past. Also on the second link is the eulogy I wrote, scroll down towards the bottom.
August 17th is a day that will ring in my mind as the worst day of my life. I will never forget that trip to Nashville, the smell of that hospital, the sad flight home where the flight check in person asked if we left anyone behind ( I think because there were so many of us flying). The look on her face when I said “yeah my dad, he died at Vanderbelt”! I guess she was not expecting that answer and I am sure she has never asked anyone that question again. I remember the weeks coming home after he had died, the sadness all around. The years that have gone by that I have not talked to him, kissed him, or told him I loved him. I know he knows it all but it is not the same! The sadness I feel that he missed my wedding, my 21st birthday, my 25th birthday, the birth of his grandchildren, the birth of my children someday, the sadness I feel that my children will never have known my father. My heart aches for everything he has missed and is missing. But life goes on and so do we, the actual missing of your loved one never goes away just the daily reminders suddenly lessen, which if you think about that, that is sad as well.

Most of you know I was married before. Most of you know it has been over 3 years since we have been separated. Oh the joys of being single again in your mid to late 20’s. I have dated. I have dated so many different men. All of them just not right. Some were nice enough just not the one. Some were crazy. Some made my ex-husband look good and let me tell you if you knew him this is a really hard thing.  I have done the internet dating thing. Gah so many times and I always seem to go back and try again. Eharmony…yep done it! Match dot com…yep! Plenty of Fish…gah yes! One might ask why I keep going back. Well I will tell you two reasons. The first being I will not close the door on any opportunity to meet new people and possibly the right one. The second being the full blown entertainment I get from it. Some might think I am not taking it seriously but rest assured I am. I think in life we have to laugh at things or they will just make us want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Today is the first installment of Internet Dating! We are going to talk about screen names. Seriously the names some of these gentlemen men crazies come up with are well just that crazy.

I want to contact them and tell them that the reason they are still on here and will be forever is based on their screen names. Sadly some have more than the screen name going against them, but today we are focusing on screen names.  Here are just a few examples that I have come across.

soulassasin – yeah sure because I want someone to assassinate my soul. No thanks already had that…he is called my EX HUSBAND. If I wanted to be assassinated I would still be married to that prick!
mrunreasonable- yep because I am looking for another unreasonable man to try and have a successful relationship with!
phillyguyne- yes maybe if he was a gynocoligist, but he is not!
brokenheartedpa- Because I want a guy that hasn’t gotten over his last relationship! Yah for baggage!
loveseed- seriously any reference to the family jewels takes you right off my perspective list.
dropptonhead- Seriously, fucking seriously, this needs absolutely no explanation!
Tomatoguy- Does this mean he likes tomato’s, grows them, works with them, is Italian? who the hell knows!

Oh and there are so many more. I just wanted you to get a little sample of what is out there.

I may be single forever with my pickiness but by god I am not dating someone with the above mentioned profile names.

Stay tuned for the next installment of online dating! Pictures not to post!

Happy Friday Internets!

Apparently I do have will power because today marks 10 days since I began this elimination diet. It was really not as bad as I thought and I am already feeling better. My GI issues are definitely under control. I am elimination all the items I am allergic to for 6 weeks and then slowly adding back in one item per week. If I have a reaction it will remain on the elimination list, if I don’t have a reaction I will add it back into my daily diet. Honestly the only thing I miss are tomatoes and strawberries. I could honestly be fine with eliminating everything else. Of course I love cheese, but I can eat goat cheese and that is what I eat normally. I can also eat anything with rice. There is so much available for people with allergies these days I am not having that hard of a time finding things to eat. Though I will say just about everything has some type of soy in it. Seriously what is up with all the soybean oil?

Exercising Again

Tomorrow also marks the day that I put on my running shoes again and run. I am going to run 5 days a week for 20 minutes for the next month. I will learn to run again. Not just walk fast and half ass run!

The Skinny/Healthy girl I know that is inside me is going to win this battle! She does have the will power!

When it comes to putting bad things into my body, but internets that is all changing.

I am sick of feeling sick. I am sick of being exhausted, constantly dealing with GI Issues. So I am cutting out every thing I am allergic to. I am doing an elimination diet. I am eliminating all the foods I am allergic to which are…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…












Basically everything good. I can still eat meat, most vegetables, most fruits, basically things that are really good for me. So I started today. Day 1 and it really was not too bad. Let’s see how things go in the upcoming days.

Teenage Texting

I just received an email from my brother. His son is 13 and has a cell phone.  For a laugh please read the following:

Here’s a fun game for everyone to play.  I just got the Sprint bill for the month.  Take a guess how many text messages Jake sent last month?

Scroll down for answer……

9,471 text sent.

That’s 315 text per day.
Figuring Jake’s awake 14 hours per day, that’s 22 per hour.

Thank God for unlimited texting.

I am sure that his text barely contain one full word. I am sure they are things such as BRB, LOL, C U LTR, Etc.

Regardless that is alot of texting! Just think we thought his sister was going to be the excessive texter in the family. Boy were we all wrong.

Blog Hop 2009

Well hi all, my name is Kate and my internet alias is The Bossy Yankee. I have wanted to go to Blog Her for a few years now but it just never seems to work out so I thought I would jump in on Blog Hop. I have been doing this blogging thing since 2004. I love it and though I have not always been at the bossy yankee I have spent many years blogging. My old internet alias is The Butterfly Girl. One might ask why the change. 


I am in my late 2o’s now and when I started blogging I was in my early 20’s. I was married, owned a house, attended college, worked three jobs, and blogged all the time. In my mid 20’s I sold my house, got divorced, quit my jobs and went back to school full time. I am now in my late 20’s and I just finished college, went back to work, started my own business, and although I swore I would never work three jobs I enjoy every minute of it. So never say never!

One might be curious what my three jobs are and well here you go. I work in a corporate real estate office, watch two little ones soon to be three a few hours a week, and own my own photography business. 

Welcome to my site, please look around enjoy and leave a comment I would love to hear from you!

Family Beach 2009

We are still on family beach. We will be here a total of 6 weeks this summer. We are halfway through our vacation. I am having a blast and that is a big reason I have not had the time to post. I barely have enough time to edit all the pictures I am taking. I am going back and forth between the office and the beach. So I am really busy.

I have so many pictures and so many stories. I am going to post the pictures I took today of my nephew in the ocean. This kid is a true beach bum. He is in the water from the time he goes down until the time he leaves. Jumping waves and swimming. I love him so much!
Thumbs Up
He was giving me a thumbs up here.

Smiling through the waves
He was smiling the entire time.

Kids and Pop
They kept splashing their Pop and running away. The laughter was truly contagious.

The Teenager Look Alike
I swear he looks like a teenager here!

Our Future Life Guard

We are having a blast. I head home tomorrow for some doctors appointments for myself and my mom. I also plan to go into the office for a bit as well. I will be back on Wednesday. My cousin and her kids are coming. I can not wait!